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Location:United States of America
Website:Mi Yodeya
I spent a couple years answering questions on a Q&A site for biblical studies, which set out to be non-doctrinal (no religious assumptions, just scholarship) and welcoming to all. Unfortunately, over time the site became less neutral -- there's more preaching, more dogma presented as truth without showing the work of getting there from the text, and more assumption that everybody there is of like mind. That was pretty disappointing to this Jew, so I created this journal to share some of my work that I posted there.

I'd intended to continue posting here (and did for a while), but in early 2015 I decided to stop -- Mi Yodeya is a much better place for Jewish Q&A than this little blog, so please go there. I've put the entries here behind an access-control list; I'm willing to share with individuals who want to poke around, but I don't want to keep maintaining a public archive.

For the content I imported from the other site, I paraphrased (or summarized) the questions that I answered to avoid violating license terms and copyrights. For new questions I included them as they were asked (with attribution or anonymously, as the author preferred).

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